Course curriculum

  • 1

    Fundamentals of frugal innovation

    • Learning objectives

    • Understanding the fundamentals of Frugal Innovation

    • Testing your understanding !

  • 2

    The mindset behind frugal innovation

    • Understaing the mindset behind the method !

  • 3

    Understanding the frugal innovation process

    • Some tools that can help the frugal innovaton process

  • 4

    Putting it in practice

  • 5

    Miscellaneous ressources

    • Reference books

    • Access the frugal community


Innovation strategy advisor

Abhinav Agarwal

Abhinav Agarwal is an Indian social entrepreneur based in France. He is a corporate trainer, culture hacker and guest lecturer at renowned universities. He has a background in philosophy, economics and computer science. He has started a couple of businesses and advises startups, NGOs and public organisations. His creative and innovative approach blends ecology, innovation and well-being. He promotes his method through a tool and card deck called the Innovation Tarot !